Too save on ballasts, Flip-Box units are used to operate lighting in two separate greenhouses. Both greenhouses utilize a 12 hour on and 12 hour off lighting cycle. To operate two lights from one ballast, a switching unit (Flip-Box) is used. As one bulb is on, the other is off, and this cycle rotates every twelve hours. The lamp output from each ballast is plugged into the Flip-Box unit. A digital Aube timer controls the on and off cycle. Inside the Flip-Box is a heavy duty relay to switch between two bulbs. A Flip-Box unit can control up to forty lights, twenty lights per greenhouse. There are several options available per Flip-Box. If you have Sunlight or Hydrofarm style lampcords and receptacles, the Flip-Box can be built using those proprietary lampcords and receptacles. For larger greenhouses, a PLC can be installed to control a delay for each ballast. This allows bulbs to power on in each greenhouse in a sequence and time delayed, from a couple seconds to a hour. The PLC is simple to program the delay sequences. With larger greenhouses, a separate Load Center is required to power the ballasts and other peripheral equipment.























Internal views shows the heavy duty relays used for switching between lights. All wiring connections are made with ratchet crimps for a more secure connection. For Flip-Boxes using Hydrofarm or Sunlight lampcords and receptacles, this will add to the manufacturing costs of a basic Flip-Box, due to the cost of these items. NEMA 5-15 receptacles and twistlock receptacles are also available.